Coacalco, State of Mexico
191,908 m²
Executive project and Site management
Project description:

Cosmopol is a shopping mall located in the municipality of Coacalco, State of Mexico, to the north of Mexico City on José López Portillo avenue. This street connects the Mexico-Pachuca highway in Ecatepec and the Mexico-Querétaro highway in Tlalnepantla. The municipality is a strategic zone with a growing economy that is key to being considered an important center of local commerce.

The site where the mall is located is rectangular in shape and includes an approximately 10-meter slope towards José López Portillo avenue. To emphasize the principal façade and stand out from the terrain, two parking levels were included that function as a podium by connecting the pedestrian entrance level connected to the two large semi-covered areas that link the plaza with the main avenue.

Based on a “fashion mall” concept, Cosmopol includes three floors of shopping that incorporate different spaces including cinemas, department stores, retail stores, food courts and restaurants, among others.

From outside, the shopping mall is presented as a large rectangular container, with an emphasis on the principal façade, which with its 400-meter length and horizontal strips with different textures and a uniform color, reinforces the horizontal nature of the mall. The concept is based on two well-defined areas with pure shapes (a circle, a triangle), between which horizontal displacements give movement to the space while letting natural light into the atriums, which contain artworks by Sebastian and Tere Metta. The central space generates external terraces at ground floor level, generating a forum with a vast LED screen as a backdrop.

The shopping mall, which covers a built area of 210,000 m2, includes major anchor stores that consolidate the general layout of the project.