Real Santa Fe I

Mid-range housing
Xochitepec, Morelos
153,521 m²
1,586 homes
Executive project and Site management
Project description:

Real Santa Fe is a mid-range residential complex that comprises 1,578 homes, and is located in the municipality of Xochitepec, in the state of Morelos.

The complex expands across a 29 hectare site, with condominiums set along a principal road that links up all the homes, absorbing the changes in height and providing access to each building, all of which incorporate a pool and traditional thatched-roof huts.

Four prototype apartments were developed for the complex ranging between 60 m2 and 110 m2, and these make up the condominiums in different combinations. A large recreational area is placed at the center of the development to provide services for all residents, equipped with traditional thatched-roof huts, a play area for children, jogging track, artificial lake, open-air gym, cycle track, two tennis courts and one soccer pitch.

The complex makes an effort to provide all the services needed for residents to enjoy leisure and recreation options without needing to leave, in a warm and friendly environment boosted by the excellent climate of Morelos.