Town Center el Rosario

Azcapotzalco, Mexico City
178,886 m²
Executive project and Site management
Project description:

Town Center El Rosario is a shopping mall located in Azcapotzalco, in the northwest of Mexico City. The project, with a built area of 178,500 m2, is built on a site that belonged to the Hacienda San Nicolás Careaga, dating from the 17th century, an area subsequently known as El Rosario.

Considered vertically, the development comprises three retail floors and three basements. This is structured around a central space or atrium that contains the most important circulation. The retail and anchor stores are distributed around the atrium.

On the ground floor, one of the principal attractions of the atrium, which enjoys natural lighting during the day, is a dancing water fountain with special lighting and music that accompany the choreography.

The zone corresponding to the heart of the former hacienda now houses the gourmet area, covered by an awning at a height of 18 meters, where major restaurants occupy a welcoming ambience that combines a contemporary architectural intervention with a restored building of thick walls, arched openings, wooden doors framed with original friezes and stone columns, together with a large number of tree species. This is a zone that marks the contrast between past and present.

It bears mentioning that, since the hacienda forms part of Mexico’s architectural heritage, the entire restoration process was carried out in consultation with, and following the regulations of, the National Institute for Anthropology and History (INAH).

Town Center El Rosario not only combines a shopping mall with a gourmet food court and cinema screens, but also comprises a restored, 10,000 m2 park, a 1,640 m2 lake that serves as a storage basin for rainwater, a museum, a sports center, soccer pitch and other spaces.

As a result, it offers much more than a shopping mall, attracting a public that is diverse in age and social background, and with interests of different kinds, including cultural, sporting, or recreational.