Tres Lagos Santa María

Mid-range housing
Azcapotzalco, Mexico City
128,000 m²
1,156 homes
Executive project and Site management
Project description:

Tres Lagos Santa María is an apartment complex comprising 17 towers of 15 and 20 floors and a multipurpose block, located in the northeast of Mexico City.

The overall idea of the project was to generate a large central green area while occupying the smallest possible footprint for the towers themselves, which are distributed in such a manner to generate plazas and green areas between them. This central space, with walkways and recreational areas, is the heart of the complex.

The towers are square prisms with two façades: one with voids set into the volume and the other with boxes extruded from the façade at different heights and in different colors, giving Tres Lagos Santa María its unique appearance.

The complex includes two parking levels, a pool, gym, multipurpose room, retail area and children’s play parks. A donation area was also incorporated, which became a small public park for use by the whole community.

Thanks to its design, scale, and location, Tres Lagos Santa María has become a reference point for the area.