Jaime Varon

Mexico City, 1965.


A graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana’s School of Architecture in 1988, his thesis was entitled “The Courtyard of the City: a Place, a Project” and won him the Best Thesis of the Year prize from the university’s alumni society.

In 1993 he graduated with a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from the University of Columbia, in New York.

Between 1995 and 2004 he took seminars at the Graduate School of Design at the University of Harvard.

In 2011 and 2012 he undertook the Advanced Management Program - AD2 at the IPADE (Pan-American Institute for Senior Business Management).


In 1989, he founded Migdal Arquitectos S.C., together with Abraham Metta Cohen

He has been a lecturer in Project Design at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). He was President of the jury for the National IMEI Prize 2000, awarded by the Mexican Institute for Intelligent Buildings.

As Managing Partner of Migdal Arquitectos, he works on the overall development of building projects, which are constructed under his direction. He has completed over 320 building projects ranging from social housing to private residences, industrial complexes, corporate offices, public transport terminals, education and cultural buildings, resort complexes, and interior design projects, among others.

He has also acted as editorial advisor for a range of Mexican architecture publications.

He has been the recipient of a number of national and international prizes.

Abraham Metta

Mexico City, 1966.


Graduated from the School of Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in 1988, with the thesis “Urban Project in the Alameda”, winning the prize for the year’s best thesis.

He worked at several different architecture firms and between 1995 and 2000 followed a number of courses at the Harvard Design School, Cambridge, Massachusetts (The Airport Terminal and Environs, Marketing Strategies for Architects and The New Office Building with Eugene Kohn KPF).


In 1989 he founded Migdal Arquitectos, S.C., together with Jaime Varon.

In 1993 he became Development Coordinator at Grupo Inmobiliario Metta, while maintaining his role at the architecture firm.

He is a Member of the Mexican College of Architects and the Mexican Society of Architects, as well as a board member of CANADEVI.

In 1999 he became a board member of the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks (AMPIP), and Vice-President of the Central-South Region.

He is involved in all aspects of real estate development, from prospecting and acquisition of a site to conception and design, financing, publicity, construction and marketing, for types of projects ranging from social housing, middle-income housing, and private residences, to office buildings, shopping malls, industrial parks, and tourist resorts.

During the period 2007-2009 he held the position of President of the Association of Real Estate Developers (ADI).

Alex Metta

Mexico City, 1973


Studied Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana between 1992 and 1996, graduating with a citation for academic excellence with the thesis “The Studio: a Method, a Space.”


Between 1993 and 1995 he undertook a diverse range of commercial, residential, and office projects.

In 1995, he joined Migdal Arquitectos S.C., and in 1998 became a partner in the firm.

Since 2001 he has been a member of CANADEVI (The National Chamber for Housing Developers), taking the position of Vice-President for the State of Mexico during the period 2007-2009.

A specialist in social housing, he has established a reputation in issues relating to urban planning and sustainable architecture.

In April 2012 he assumed the Presidency of CANADEVI in the Valley of Mexico, and in 2013 became Head of the Working Commission of the CFE for CANADEVI National.